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Family Holidays

My Dad always ensured that we had a "fortnights" family holiday each year. A fortnight was 2 weeks - ie fourteen nights. These holidays started in 1949, when I was seven and continued to up to 1958 when I was 16.

Up to 1955 these were magical; we stayed in some really lovely places and from these times grew my life-long love of three things: steam trains, buses and walking in the counrtyside. The places we holidayed in were Bournemouth (1949 and 1950), Dawlish Warren (1951), Wroxall on the Isle of Wight (1952, 1953 and 1954) and then Ilfracombe (1955).We always stayed in Guest Houses on a "Bed, Beakfast and Evening Meal" basis.

The last three years 1956 to 1958 were spent in either Eastbourne or Seaford and were more mundane affairs. In 1956 we stayed for the last time in a Guest House in Polegate which is a few miles out of Eastbourne; in 1957 times were much harder for my Dad and he could only afford a week in a caravan at Seaford; our last family holiday was spent in a caravan, this time in Eastbourne.

Despite the pasiing of some 50 years, memories of those holidays are still crystal clear to me. By clicking on the links below you can share those memories.


Dawlish Warren



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